Stage event P2.6 indoor rental magnet module front maintenance led display screen video wall

  • Brand: MPLED
  • Model number: p2.6
  • Applicable environment: Indoor
  • Pixle pitch: 2.6mm
  • Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Brightness: 1000-1500cd/㎡
  • Colors: >16.7M
  • Cabinet size: 500mm×500mm×80mm
  • Product Description:





Sagittarius series

Indoor SMD Die-casting ultra slim cabinet

1.Luxury,we have strict control in every step from design, production,components to the process. It’s very excellent and perfect.Yet it is more like the art of Mpled than a commodity.
2.Super high-definition picture and ultra-light design is an excellent fusion of art and technology; 2400Hz high refresh rate makes each image vivid, clear and fascinating;Only 8.7kg/cabinet aluminium cabinet,the pre-installation design for module magnet makes the maintenance more convenient and splice seamless.
3.140 degrees super-wide angle, Sagittarius small pitch series create a gorgeous and elegant visual feast for you,whether at the spacious and magnificent opera house,or in the serious and neat traffic command center . Small pitch series of Mpled bring you a superior service.

Parameter P2.6 P3.9
Pixel Configuration SMD2020 SMD2020
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.6 3.91
Pixel matrix per panel 192×192 128×128
Pixel density( pixels/sq.m.) 147456 65536
Cabinet Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm) 500x500x82.5 500x500x82.5
Module Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm) 250x250x17 250x250x17
No. of Modules Per Panel (WxH) 2×2 2×2
Panel material Aluminum Aluminum
Cabinet weight (kg/panel) 6.8kg 6.8kg
Module weight (kg/panel) 0.75kg 0.75kg
Color Grayscale (Bit) 14 14
Gray Scale per Color (level) 16384 16384
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥1920 ≥1920
Driving Type 1/32 1/16
Brightness(nit) 1100nit 1000nit
Optimal Horizontal Viewing Angle(°) 140 140
Optimal Vertical Viewing Angle(°) 140 140
AC Input Voltage(V) AC110V/220V±10% AC110V/220V±10%
AC Input Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60
AC Input Power Maximum Value(W/m²) 460 460
C Input Power Typical Value(W/m²) 160 160
Storage Temperature(℃) ―10 – 55 ―10 – 55
Operating Temperature(℃) ―0 – 40 ―0 – 40
Storage Humidity(RH) 10%~90% 10%~90%
IP rating (Front/Rear) FontIP40/RearIP40 FontIP40/RearIP40
Operating Humidity(RH) 10%~90% 10%~90%
Lifetime Typical Value(hrs) 100000 100000
Cabinet installation type Rental/Front Maintainance
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