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Sports/Stadium LED Display

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   Sports/Stadium LED Display is the best way of advertising for football games, sorccer plays, world cup and other events for sports. It can transmit the advertising through the screen to the audience all over the world.

   So the Sports/Stadium LED Display is the best advertising in the stadium. 

Requirements for Sports Stadium LED Display


  • High Brightness to ensure crystal clear images in virtually any lighting conditions.

  • High Refresh Rate to ensure high quality images for live broadcast

  • High IP Rating to withstand the most strict weather conditions.

  • Adjustable Support Structure to suit the best viewing angle for audience and camera shooting

  • Humanization Design to protect the players from being hurt during the match. 


Technical Solution for Sports Stadium LED Display


       1. High Standard Component
  • LED Lamps—from famous encapsulation companies with Silan, Epistar, Cree and Nichia chip.
  • IC Driver— Adopted MBI driving ICs.
  • Power Supply— Famous brand from China Mainland Chuanglian and Taiwan Meanwell.
  • Module Mask—special soft mask protect the players from being hurt
  • Aviation connector—high standard connectors ensure stable power and data transmission.

        2.  Scientific and Humanization Product Design

  • Full-waterproof Cabinet with good heat dissipation
  • Adjustable Support Structure to suit the best viewing angle for audience and camera shooting
  • Special soft protective hat on top of cabinet protect the players from being hurt
        3.  Intelligent Control System

  • Monitor--Support full monitor on status of receiving card, cabinet, power supply, fans and LED in real time. 
  • Brightness adjustment auto brightness control according the brightness of the environment by light sensor, you can also adjust the brightness by control software.
  • Three grey modes available you can choose refresh rate first, brightness first or grey first from software according to your requirements.
  • Super large screen—Easy and simple in controllers management   
  • Hot back`up support dual data line/controller hot backup. When one data line/controller breaks down, the other data line/controller will start to work automatically.  
  • Synchronous signals-- Using optical fiber for data transmission without signal delay, ensuring a truly real-time match for audiences.  

System Guide



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  • Sports/Stadium LED Display is the best way of advertising for football games, sorccer plays, world cup and other events for sports. It can transmit the advertisi...