NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13

Get all the exceptional performance of our RO Series LED outdoor display system with the extreme versatility of our new precision 
die-cast aluminum housings. Designed for the rental and staging market, the lightweight RO Series offers rental companies the
flexibility to build large dynamic video backdrops for both indoor and outdoor stages.

  • Outdoor screens for rental use

    Mainly used for commercial promotion, 
    exhibition, concert, wedding ceremony 
    and other outdoor events. 

  • High brightness with low consumption 

    It can reach over 6500nits brightness with 
    only 360w/sqm Ave power consumption, 
    extremely low consumption and high 

  • IP65 Waterproof

    It's for outdoor application with high waterproof level and dust-proof level. It can resist some bad weather during outdoor events. 

  • DIP and SMD Option

    The cabinet is compatible for SMD and DIP led modules. Like P5, P6 P8 and P10. SMD is more and more popular with larger viewing angle, DIP with higher bright than SMD. 

  • Three-high Design 
    and Excellent 
    Visual Effect

    The advanced configuration ensures 
    its high contrast ratio, high brightness and high grey scale, which 
    delivery an excellent visual effect.


  • High Standard Aviation 

    The professional aviation connectors enable 
    multiple plug and unplug, and it’s full 
    waterproof. It ensures the stable and 
    reliable of the screen especially in some 
    important occasions.

Cabinet only weighs 15kg, thickness 80mm, saving transportation cost and labor intensity; 

Spring locks connect the cabinets vertically, hanging max 15 cabinets in a line; 

Macromolecular flexible mask with glareless surface and better contrast ratio; 
Fast spring locks connect the cabinets horizontally, only 10 seconds for per cabinet;
Nanotechnology and unique positioning system, making the installation and dismantlement in one step;
All external cable with quick inserted plug for easy installation and maintenance;
Signal and power indicator & reset button well shows the working condition of the whole screen;
Adopting Silica gel to make the cabinet waterproof and sealed, IP65


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