NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13

  • Applications

    Various sports stadium 
    such as rink, basketball court, 
    football field, hockey field, rugby 
    field etc.
  • High refresh rate, no flicker during live switch

    Up to 2800Hz refresh rate,without the phenomenon of drag and flicker under the shooting conditions of professional cameras and cameras of 1/2800 seconds,
    which ensures a fine high-definition display ensure the ultra high-defination image quality.


  • Humanization design
    To protect the safety of the players, the unique design of soft mask and soft protection pad,it can protect the safety of person, even with the collision of person.

  • Independent supporting structure, multi-angle adjustment
    There is an independent supporting structure that can rotate and adjust. Even though it is impacted by strong external force, it still stands upright and can adjust the Angle according to the site situation.Support 30° 40° 60° 90°

  • High protection

    Meet all kinds of protection requirements, waterproof, moisture-proof, sun - proof, anti - impact.etc.

  • Optical Fiber Transmission

    Adopted an efficient optical fiber transmission control system   to avoid signal attenuation during live broadcast  lead to delay of live broadcast picture


    Convenient and Swif

    Front Maintenance , more convenient and time-saving'can remove the module  in a few seconds with tools, which is very quick and convenient.



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