NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13

  • Lighter & Thinner
    Easy installation
    Ultra high contrast& brightness
    Energy saving
    IP65 waterproof

  • Universal module 320mm x 160mm 
    Compatible to same cabinets 
    Can update screen from P10 to P3.3 directly in the same cabinet, save cost.

  • Magnesium alloy Cabinet,Thinner and lighter

    15 kg/m2 lighter and 20% thinner than iron cabinet,saving transportation space,reducing delivery weight and bearing requirements of buildings and steel structures.

  • Higher precision
    CNC process,contour tolerance ±0.1mm,planeness tolerance<0.5mm,integral moulding,indeformable,fast assembly.

  •  Fast Installation

    Fast lock and power con connector design
    Even unprofessional persons can install it soon

  • Multi-functional

    Fixed installation for advertisement,adding flying bar,connectors and fast lock for rental,adding rubber cushion and bracket for perimeter display.


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