NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13

  • Smart City LED Sign

    Pole led sign mainly install with led street light as energy saving model and wireless smart city information network. Pole led sign can publish all news, emergency, adverts, importaant event in every corbner of the city at the same moment. 
  • Easy Installation

    No need structure, no need extra tools, all the pole led display fix on the pole by quick lock screws. It can be sigle side and double side. 

  • Wireless Connection

    All the pole led display connect by 3G/4G internet, and you can well control all of them by Icloud platform. This means your smart cellphone, Ipad, PC can do control for led sign wherever you are and whenever it is. 

  • Real-time Monitor

    Smart city led display support for smart card to do monitoring for important components, like control cards, signal cable, power supply and temperature, etc. 

  • Waterproof and Stability

    IP65 level for signal side and double side led sign to resist all bad weather. High quality SMD led chip ensure stability of the whole led display to reduce operating cost for every project. 
  • 1920Hz Refresh Rate

    High gray level and 1920Hz refresh rate display high quality image/video as outdoor advertising media. Synchronous image switching without any time difference. 



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