NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13


    Arc lock design

    Arc shape, fast installation, reliable performance, no need for any tools to quickly from right angle to radian shape.
  • Various Shape

    Right angle match, four boxes can be assembled into a column shape, can also be assembled into a column shape.

    Precise stitching

    Quick and accurate radian splicing, internal and external radians can reach 15 degrees
    The anti-tooth lock design is more accurate for splicing.
    Ergonomic design handle, feel good, convenient to lift and put


    Light and slim

    Cabinet 7.5kg weight, 8mm thickness, save manpower, easy to disassemble and assemble, do not need any machine.




    Special designed

    anti-collision + corner protection anti-collision design, which effectively protects the module from damage and makes installation and transportation safer.
    With pinball positioning, the accuracy is higher


    Fast maintenance

    Indoor front maintenance, magnetic suction installation, simple and quick maintenance for various installation environment, improve work efficiency




    High refresh with 3840Hz

    More vivid and real for image, bright color and high brightness
  • Hanging beam

    Full solution offered make beam more simple.
    Strict tension test ensures that the use of the hanging beam is safer and more reliable


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