NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13


    500mm Rental Series
    The 500 Renting Series is a brand-new cabinet designed for the rental market.
    Light weight, flexible splicing and low maintenance costs are countless advantages of it.
    The overall design is delicate and born for rental.
    Five Advantages

  • Power box hard connection plug - out design
    No wiring, more beautiful, quick disassembly and easy to replace , saving time

  • Ant-collision design
    The design of folding corner guard around the box can effectively protect the lamp bead and module from the bad site environment
  • High refresh rate

    The refresh rate is more than 2000hz,the display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural.
    Small pitch LED display cable connectors well improved the stability of leds and the whole system.


    Can be one-man handle - quick disassembly
    Handle, side lock anti-freeze design, avoid misoperation, more safe, box handle multi-function design, upper and lower connection with self-locking function, single easy disassembly, high effiency and time-saving.

  • The High structural strength is not easy to deform
    Aluminum alloy material, high strength, wear resistance;Stable structure, not easy to deformation, easy to deal with  disassembe repeatly;Ensure stitching accuracy and flatness


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