NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13


  • Hd ultra-thin LED display

    This product designed for fixed LED display applications, no need any steel structure to fix it. Narrow pixel pitch LED display can be widely used in shopping malls, subways, cinemas, conference rooms, airports and other places.

  • Light & Slim

    Weigh 24kg/m², 30% less weight.    
    60mm depth, 80mm depth for regular products.
    The Cabinet  has various specifications:

  • Product Structure

    Simplified design to avoid connection malfunction, make product more friendly and humanized.

    • Multi-function intelligent control

    Support multiple smart terminals wireless control. 
    Connect the display to monitor update the status in real time.
    If a failure occurs, immediately send a message to the specified mailbox to indicate problems and avoid accidents.


    • Angle&curude shapes

    Supporting the right angle
    corner angle & curved screen
    to make different shapes.
    Front/Rear Maintenance optional, faster service, lower cost.




    Save installation space

    Light and slim cabinet, quick to install, saving time.
    It can be mounted on the wall, only 8cm depth space.



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