NEWS:The Letter To Client2020-02-13

500x500mm size outdoor rental led wall with super slim cabinet and very high resolution for outside live show, extra high brightness allowed better performance under sunshine. This standard size support for almost all the screen dimension and convenient to make assembly. 

  • Outdoor slim display 
    for rental use

    This 500 series standard size led cabinet mainly used for outdoor stage, outdoor festival celebration, cavanal, Spanish Bullfight, Asia SPring festival events, Brazil Olympic, euro 
    energy-saving conference,etc. 
  • High brightness with energy saving design 

    It can reach over 6500nits brightness with 
    only 130w/sqm Ave power consumption, 
    extremely low consumption and high 

  • Easy to set-up

    Strong alloy metal for sides connection between cabinets. And convenient battery lock for up-left-down-right neighbor four cabinets. You can well finish screen assembly within 20 minutes when led display less than 60sqm. This save a lot of labour cost.

  • Totally Waterproof

    The 500 series outdoor fine cabinet led display is totally waterproof.With this advantage, this product is on hot selling to Asia, europe, America and Australia market. 

  • Three-high Design 
    and Excellent 
    Visual Effect

    The advanced configuration ensures 
    its high contrast ratio, high brightness and high grey scale, which 
    delivery an excellent visual effect.

  • High Standard Aviation 

    The professional aviation connectors enable 
    multiple plug and unplug, and it’s full 
    waterproof. It ensures the stable and 
    reliable of the screen especially in some 
    important occasions.


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